I can’t really be called a blogger anymore, I simply don’t blog. Blogging has morphed into an entirely different creature, It can be hard sometimes to differentiate a blog that is trying to sell you something subtly or blatantly.  There are many out there , lifestyle blogs are guilty of this the most, that seem to be desperately trying to help you live a different life, somebody else’s life. Even posts about unveiling the rose tint, are tinted by roses.

What exactly am I trying to say? Well, quite simply, I suck as a blogger but the writer in me still longs to write here, but I’m tired. Maybe one day I will be able to explain this tiredness in more detail but for now, let’s put it down to an 8 month old boy and 3 year old kidlett who now attends nursery 4 days a week ( I had to beg for that one day off)

To ease my way back into this little corner of the world I thought I would share some of my favourite bloggers, is that weird? sharing my bloggers? am I trying to divert attention away from me? That makes no sense right? Well maybe it does, I suppose in a way, by showing you what I like, we can become reacquainted once more.

Hello stranger, it’s me, remember me?
Remember me?
Remember me.

I realised I hadn’t even introduced our youngest member, our son Aydin who is now 8 months old!

Anyway here are just a few blogs & people I am drawn to.

The first one is ; Lulastic & The Hippyshake by  Lucy Aitken–Read whom I’ve written about multiple times; such as here ,& here. She’s a champion of children’s rights, lives in a yurt, is all about no poo (shampoo) owns a cow, chickens, goats, honestly, what’s not to love?

The second is Whole Family Rhythms by Meagan who inspires families to connect peacefully  with the earth and one another. By observing and living seasonally our families and ourselves can lead a happier healthier life. She is a homeschooler  / homesteader who follows the Waldorf way.

Third is Sugar House Workshop by Jessica Lewis Stevens who is an incredible quilter in Vermont and waldorfian mama, is that a saying?


The Fourth is Jean Hannah Edelstein  who is a writer, and I simply like her style of writing


The Fifth is North County Folkware by Julie who is a homesteader who specialises in ceramics, incredible knitwear and more. Her instagram account is well worth following, it is inspirational, I promise.

The Sixth is SouleMama by Aamanda Blake which is bursting with inspiration; creativity, motherhood, homeshooling, sheep & more.

There are so many more, especially on instagram. What I crave from life for myself and my children is more simplicity. A slow, back to earth kind of life, with lots of reading and lots of writing.

Always the writing.


It’s nice to be back.

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