Welcome to A Life in Writing. I am Zehra Cranmer, a London based writer and critic, a mother, a wife and nature lover. I write about all these subjects whilst trying to lead a slower more meaningful life whilst dreaming about owning land one day to live among goats and veg. Gentle parenting , connection & simplicity living where possible are key elements to our lives. This is what we are trying to achieve in the most authentic way.


I wrote a book Among Tigers Wild in my early twenties it’s sitting in my draw whilst attempting to finish my second novel Between The Waves and raise children at the same time. I write book reviews for Avrupa Times which you can read here also.

I am interested in the creative process in all forms of art, writing in particular. I am also interested in the way nature inspires the artist.


I believe in gentle parenting and seasonal celebrations.Teaching my children how to tread gently and take care of our planet is just one of the jobs I take seriously. Although they do not tend a Steiner education, we’ve adopted many of its values as seen on the blog and on twitter. I believe in letting children be children; letting them be outside in nature as much as possible and open to all that life has to teach them.

I wouldn’t call this a lifestyle blog but it is about my life (and family’s) my writing and motherhood.