October has a funny way of suddenly happening, I think I say that each year. Yesterday as the baby and I took a walk in the grey half-light of autumn (she slept in the carrier) I spied fallen conkers and watched squirrels chase each other through piles of leaves upon the ground then up and away into the trees which are becoming bare and therefore altering the light upon the landscape, as the light now has wide gaps to pass through.
The day begins to yawn and say goodnight at 6 in the evening, pushing our clocks forward is only around the corner, but I’m getting ahead of myself, I try not to do that because when you start springing too far forward, you have a way of not enjoying the present.
But if I am indeed going to say what I look froward too it is;
Mango chutney filling the flat
Thick knitwear & wooly hats for me and the baby
Walking in a thick carpet of orange on our daily jaunt.
A walk with the husband in Greenwich
A walk with the sister in our local park
Well there’s so much more and you know what they are. Seeing as I’m far too tired in the evenings to read at the moment, I’m turning to craft ideas, another knitted blanked probably, welll you cant have too many right? And finish the husband’s scarf that I started last summer!
Do you have any all time fave Autumnal rituals?

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