Last weekend the promise of fine weather had us dashing out of the house in haste! I’m sure we weren’t the only ones! Each time the sun puts his hat on, I hear myself saying ‘this could be the last day of summer’ even though summer waved goodbye ages ago and autumn rolled on in. After checking a list of places I desire to go to on my phone which I have high hopes of being 100% baby friendly ; they must allow my little one to walk freely as that is what she loves to do these days, that and chase boys around… anyway, I told the husband that we were to find our way to the Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park, which was famously once known as Greenwich Marsh. It’s a beautiful piece of land, carefully preserved and looked after in the most natural way possible. Against an industrial backdrop of busy old London, lay this green space, split by two Lilly Pad clad lakes in which ducks swam (ahhhhhhh sang Ayla) and tall grasses from which dragon flies flew out from and danced around us. In a small resource centre, a bearded man looked down into a telescope and prodded a spider which he excitedly spoke about to the children around him , for it was a special Spider talk weekend (arrrrrghhhh sang I) but the children loved it.

The environment was not only child friendly, it was adult friendly; cake and tea were served and for a moment the juxtaposition between nature and city made me feel eerily at ease.

It was a lovely Saturday which ended with Ayla’s new favourite pastime- the swings

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