Happy new year! I hope this irregularly mild holiday season was met with family warmth and laughter that has kept your inner fires warm enough to get you through these ice laced mornings and evenings.

I don’t write resolutions as mentioned before but I have picked a word to loom over me, it is BRAVE. I endeavour to be braver in everything I pursue, be it hunting for a home and delving deeper into work like a bear nuzzling into a cave but that’s not the right analogy as that doesn’t sound brave but cosy.

So maybe what I should say is, I long to be a tree; deeply rooted whilst reaching for the sky.

In these dark times; more bombs , more death, more darkness, we reach for our family. sometimes the family that takes us back to our roots, in this instance, my sister Sifa. We worked alongside each other for many years, each understanding the other better than ourselves, particularly in our creative endeavours . We started a little hashtag of our own on instagram #sisterszehraandsifa where we got our insta-mama (please tell me you’ve watched the instagram husband on youtube) to take a boxing day pic of us together.

It’s a way of documenting the little/big things. I’m heavily pregnant with my second child on boxing day 2015, there is so much on my mind, so much is about to change , sooner than I thought!

Do you have a word to try and live by? a resolution? will you keep that promise?

Boxing day 2015

Boxing Day 2016


There is a Toast theme here (unsponsored) the gown in the first pic and birkenstocks and jumper in the second.

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