Hello Spring. Hello at last.

Hello Spring. Hello at last.

Life recently entails; sunshine at last and a dive into the garden with flowers planted and sun adored! Gosh, how long did we all wait for that one?! With the arrival of the sun, blossoms graced our trees, sandals made their way onto feet (not mine, I wear ,boots till June) shorts came out (the husband’s) and smiles brandished grey faces! It’s salad season as we shy away from root veg, we want greens, reds, pulses & watermelons! What else… writing at the desk with the baby on my lap, I’ve been working on an article for a week or so and look here, I even have my own website, I’m officially a “.co.uk”. I try to read when ever I get ta moment (I haven’t even had a chance to unwrap my latest copy of Mslexia!)  night time reading now involves a little lamp you attach to the back of the book.

At last! we made our way into central London last weekend! Ayla is nearly 12 wks and we finally braved a train & oxford street and she’s officially become a baby that likes to travel. I wish to start taking her to galleries during the week when I’m free.

At the beginning, it felt like nothing would ever get done, but at the 9 week mark, something clicked, you start to really get to really know your baby & vice-versa, the world doesn’t seem like such a scary place to them & what a relief it is! We have plans to go to the Ansel Adams exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich  (thank you for pointing that out Hannah – from seeds & stitches) , the British Museum & the Tate Modern. It’s so wonderful being on the move again, but I also love my quiet moments alone with my baby; we read, smile & laugh, but the chattering, oh the chattering! there’s nothing quite like it! Everything else can wait!


 a rose for Ayla


a new addition to garden living






this one is a little ponderer


Daffodils swaying in the wind -Horniman Gardens

Reading with a clamped on light! (manual kindle)
Look at that sunlight streaming in!

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