Hello Autumn

Hello Autumn

Autumn has at last tapped us on the shoulder and asked us to take notice. And how can one not notice!? The drop in temperature has replaced that stifling heat we had for a while with its crispness. The crunch beneath our feet as we walk mesmerised in a new world of gold and orange. I do love Autumn! My mother asked me today which season I preferred to which I said, ‘I greet each season with excitement and enjoy each one for what it is…as long as they don’t drag out.’ On our walk this morning, I pointed out the orange halo produced by the trees and the bright red berries among a deep fern green. Autumn forces your eyes to open, all whilst hunting out conkers of course (there’s one in my coat pocket).

This house has already turned to soups and stews. The curtains are drawn earlier, socks and thick cardies are worn and soon another layer of bedding shall dress the bed. It’s always an interesting time of year for creativity. Rather than making resolutions on new Year’s Eve, one submerges themselves in work now. The desk is far cosier when it has that odd, blissful autumnal light cast upon it, and your feet are dressed in the thickest pair of socks you own.

Oh yes, it is a magical time of the year. I’m loving how the baby kicks as soon as I sit down after a long walk, as I assume the walk has also lulled her/him into a peaceful sleep and is wondering why the rocking has to come to an end. I also adore the thought that the beautiful crisp air and the enchanting scene outside is felt by the baby too, this makes me smile. It really makes me smile.

Much needed veg soup with potatoes grown by Mr C & I

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  1. I cannot wait to get my new Winter boots – I haven't bought any for years, so I'm treating myself this year! Autumn is the most aesthetically pleasing season, without a doubt – all those oranges and golds, then the knitwear… yum!

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