Lewes to Plumpton

Lewes to Plumpton



When the weather is beautiful and my mind needs clearing for the work in hand, there is nothing like taking one’s self to the countryside which is what Mr Cranmer and I did yesterday. We made our way to Lewes, Sussex to walk along the South Down’s way. We know the town quite well now as we’ve been a few times, it’s somewhere I like to go to feel closer to the steps of Virginia Woolf.
The land, rolling hills and hidden tracks offer the mind to wonder beyond the body. As you push your legs, your body falls into auto pilot as the mind is free to do as it pleases. Listening to the winds among the chalk hills carried my imagination to heights that I forgot could be achieved as we walked along in the heat, talking about nothing and everything and settling down for a sandwich to re-fuel and continue onwards. Later when we trampled our way to the next town, Plumpton, our thirst and need for the facilities delivered us to the ‘Half Moon’ pub which was cosy on the inside and sun fueled on the outside as friends and families met up for Sunday supper. The atmosphere was so welcoming that Mr Cranmer thought how wonderful it would be to live out there.

This morning my thoughts returned to Virginia as I settled down to work once more, and I had a strong desire to hear her voice, and so I’d like to share it with you.


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