Slowly does it.

Slowly does it.

I’ve been at the desk today, desperately trying to focus on a review at hand whilst being physically propelled further away from it each week by a growing bump. The fact that I’m unable to sit comfortably for long spells as baby still insists on headbutting me in the ribs- bleeeessss-ouch! Please flip the other way baby, doesn’t help. But it’s so good to be at the desk.

It’s freezing cold and yet I have the window in front of me ever so slightly open so I can inhale and feel the breeze (I’m wearing multiple layers of course). I like to hear the birds, and the rain and voices- I like to hear the world outside my window, thankfully it’s not the humming of traffic.

So it seems, even though I am struggling beyond imaginable to engage with language adequately enough to produce flowing, precise and poetic sentences, I am able to churn out a little as long as I persist and don’t nap (I’ll be cranky tonight I’m sure) but it is doable. Whether it will be like that once the little one is here- I’m not all too sure but what I do know is that either way, I’m counting on our child being an enriching experience. A lovely writer friend lent me the book below The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood by Rachel Power which I look forward to devouring, but as with everything else- I’m awfully slow and ever slowing down. But that’s life right? That’s just the way it is.

I managed to knit a little hat- it goes to show, if you really focus with half a brain, it can be done!

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