Snippets of life

Snippets of life

I still haven’t had a chance to put together a post of our Sussex holiday in September, I seem to be lagging in everything! Is this what people refer to as baby brain? I’d like to believe that I’ve held onto all my faculties which include clear thinking and not drooling when a nap suddenly knocks me off my feet- errrrrm well maybe I’m not actually fully in charge of what’s going on with my body! And maybe I do have baby brain as every second thought is of the baby- well it’s a bit difficult when you are writing and you suddenly get a kick- a quick bang wallop reminder, ‘hello, I am here, could I have a donut please!’

I’ve finally taken on the task of clearing out the large chest in my study which houses all my mslexia magazine, note pads, memorabilia, old diaries and the like so we can move it out and bring in an actual dresser that will house non- literary, non- keepsakish odds and ends but a little person’s clothes. Well, I managed to empty it in two back-aching sittings and when the husband came home, he took one look at my study and said ‘how did you make a room you’ve been clearing up look more messy’ to which I said something along the lines of  ‘you are such a meanie!’ (oh- I see, my intellectual faculties are diminishing indeed!)

Whilst caught in a mine field of baby products- essentials (clothes/ cot) & non essentials (anything that is beautiful but not likely to last long or in the same condition) life has been plodding along quite nicely. I’ve been asked a number of times about my moods and whether I’m experienceing them- apparently I’m supposed to be crying one minute and laughing the next like nobody’s business,to which I can say certainly not! I’m a little more sensitive when it comes to children, I always have been but now I feel pain if I see another child in pain. To my sister’s dismay, I have not been excessively eating to which she wanted to partake in- sorry Şifa, I’m going to stick to my two pears, a banana, and oat cakes every day! But yes- returning to that mine field of ‘baby things,’ I have been doing vast amounts of research and it’s lucky that research is one of my finer qualities! on baby’s cots, moses baskets, prams and such, that list does go on! There has been a lot of help out there, mainly twitter friends and blog posts where I have had a good read for ideas. Here are a few I’ve used; Hannah Bullivant’s blog Seeds and Stitches , Fritha’s Tigerlilly Quinn blog and Rachel’s blog The Little Pip: Surviving Motherhood One Week at a Time… as well as Victoria’s blog The Owl and the Accordion .What I adore about these helpful blogs is that they are also rather creative people who demonstrate a beautiful balance with motherhood and their arts/creativity/ lively personalities. I just hope the balance between my writing and motherhood eventually finds the same equilibrium. Oh- we also opted for NHS ante-natal classes rather than NCT, if the NHS ones leave anything out, I’m sure my own mother will sort me out!

These are just a few of my thoughts and preoccupations at the moment- at 22 weeks, I think it’s nice to catalogue a bit of it here. If you are like me and a little clueless as to when is the it’s the right time to be looking for this and looking for that, for me it was not only after the last scan which showed that everything was pleasantly hunky-dory for now but also coincided with the sudden growth spurt of the baby ergo the belly which reminded me to start putting plans into action! I have been overwhelmed by people’s kindness on the internet, old neighbours and a friend of a friend who have offered bits and bobs for the baby, even a beautiful crocheted blanket!

On other matters! Last weekend I finally pulled myself together and made marmalade! That’s right, a break away from making apple and mango chutney which I hope to make this weekend! So 6 oranges, 3 grapefruits and 5 lemons and ounces of sugar later, I made a successful batch of marmalade- it’s just a shame my heartburn has returned with vengeance!

My deepest apologies if this post has been an awful bore!

Anyway, here are a few things I have been loving;

Making marmalade for the first time and not following instructions as usual, much to the husband’s consternation

14 Jars later! which I am now handing out to nearest and dearest and even had a home made damson jam given to me in exchange!

My walks have been lit up by the most beautiful colours put on this earth!

This face!

Horniman Gardens in all its autumnal beauty


I’m not one for putting pictures up of myself but I love the baby so much that I’ve ignored my first thought and said sod it, because ‘baby-baby-baby- hello!’


Ohh-ohhhh I’ve started  another blanket…


I’ve been reading a bit of Ina May Gaskin’s Guide To Childbirth every night and have found it so calming & insightful!

Each evening, the husband has whipped me up a hot chocolate which I’ve devoured in a matter of seconds – and yes, that is a heart!!!

And so, this is life at the moment. Slow and fast all at once. 

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