Did London kill Sheila Fell ?

Did London kill Sheila Fell ?

One must embrace Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, sometimes it’s downright interestimg, sometimes….not so. But today, my ears perked up as soon as I heard the name Sheila Fell; a Cumberland artist who painted her home surroundings with a great passion. It was unfortunate, but it seems that when she eventually became known and moved to London, she missed her home. She turned to drink and died tragically. In the spirit of not being a fan of London at the moment I deduced that it was London that killed her! Well there, I’ve said it!
Moving away from such dramatic statements, I’ve put up a few of her paintings which I find rather inspiring as I sit here in the flat on a grey day in London, looking out onto the streets ahead. It is these paintings which have lifted my soul and prepared me to work on long hard edits. May Sheila Fell lift your soul today.

                                                        Seagulls over a ploughed field

                                                                Field Near Drumbugh

                                                              Large Wave, Allonby

                                                                       Allonby, IV

                                                    Cottage Near Mount Grisdale

And there are so many more.

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