The magical colours of autumn have steadily graced the many little squares of instagram, mine included. The orange glow, a prelude to winter carpets the ground underfoot in leaf form whilst pumpkins and gourds cover the surfaces of our tables and counter tops. The beauty of this time of year just about allows me to forgive the lack of chill in the air. My thick woollens have barely made their way out of their moth bags. It was only today that I managed to pull out my favourite Toast jumper after opening a moth bag to discover larvae. “Please not my  Toast jumper, please, please, please” I whispered frantically as I clawed my way into the zip lock. A sigh of relief to discover it was the one bag only. Contents, including bag, dashed into the freezer post haste.

Our own lives went through its own seasonal change with the eldest beginning school. It has honestly been a very bumpy transition in which many of our established rhythms changed once more. Moods became fractious, mine included but with her at school and my missing her, I’ve also suddenly stopped to reassess what is taking place in our family. Work wise, I’m longing to get back into writing; the blog, the book and determined to take a bit more care of myself. I started a yoga class on Saturday and it was am eye opening experience. I allowed myself to be alone, outside of the house, taking care of myself. When I left, I felt as light as a bubble floating in the breeze. The husband said it was because I was walking downhill, it wasn’t. I also noted they offer massages that I may treat myself to once a month.

The  last time I wrote a post like this, I said it may be monthly but I failed at that so maybe make it seasonal instead.


We have been leaf stomping , the youngest (20 mths old) has discovered the joy of running and scooting through leaves as well as filling his grandma’s pockets with conkers and playing with them on the nature table. I’m truly enjoying all the new discoveries the second time around. I’m learning all the time how alike and unalike my children are from one another, making them truly magical in many ways.

I’ve been learning how and what makes my body fall apart at the end of a busy day and not doing it…all the time. Sometimes it is unavoidable but honestly, it’s been a revelation. If I have to do a job during the day, I will either try to prepare an extremely low key dinner of pasta or reach for the fish cakes and pees at the end of the day rather than cooking frantically while the littlest naps. I will even try and nap with him. No guilt and no cry it out exhaustion from doing too much. I’m still yet to go to sleep at a decent time- thanks Fortitude – a series my sister got me hooked on. Also baths, oh my gosh, baths. Maybe with a glass of wine.


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All things autumn; woollen layers, apple picking, pumpkin buying, leaf collecting to make collage and glass lanterns, an idea I got from Megan’s (wholefamilyrhythms) instagram page. They are very easy and beautiful. We light them at meal times but have to keep them out of the one yr old’ reach, he has no fear of fire unlike the eldest who was more wary.

The light at this time of the year is incredible. The oranges and reds burn hard before they plunge into the dark. We find ourselves running to the window to catch the purple hue in the evening and the blood orange of the morning before it slips into grey. Did you see that Harvest moon?

Filling the house with the smell of essential oils and freshly baked bread by the husband and daughter. I spent errrm a l ittle amount of money shall we say in Neal’s Yard but well worth it. My favourite smell as you may or may not know is Patchouli. I use the smells to calm its residents down and before I start writing. Lavender, chamomile and Patchouli for calm. Tea tree & Eucalyptus for illness and orange for a sweet fresh revival. I am looking to broaden my collection. Do you have any favourite’s or suggestions?

Listening to Magic Lessons podcasts by Elizabeth Gilbert, they are inspiring and tend to encourage me when I find myself questioning myself. Sometimes out of some form of magic, I happen to listen to the exact one that I needed.  Like a messenger reaching out from the ether.

Also, the new Ibeyi cd, so good. The youngest loves it too, he can’t help but dance to that first track.

Reading Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird  and it has been an absolute revelation. I am reading it slowly, reading a chapter a night and taking notes the next evening. It is teaching me a lot about my own writing; about what is hindering my progress and how to overcome it. That’s powerful stuff, thanks Lamott.

Watching other than Fortitude and the new season of The Walking Dead and the Second series of Stranger Things- I promise you I don’t usually watch this much in one go! But there is the new Joan Didion Documentary “The Center Will Not Hold” on netflix. Now, I knew how wonderful this woman was, but to watch and listen to her is mesmerising and inspiring. She has such an incredible mind so watch, go and watch.  I’m currently reading her essay on keeping a notebook which can be found in Slouching Towards Bethlehem.

I hope you’re having a lovely autumn and not suffered too many ailments , we seem to be hopping from one bug to another. Out comes the healing oils. I’m hoping to finish a post on The Year of Living  Danishly soon to share. There is another very exciting project in the pipeline, a little something motherhood related, will share when it’s nearer to the time.





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