Happy New Year! Or is that old already!? Doesn’t matter, I still wish you it. I hope you’ve had a lovely holiday and managed to spend some quality time with loved ones as that’s what it’s all about even though my entire family except Ayla thankfully, came down with this god awful bug doing it’s rounds, we were all ill within loving company! probably how it passed through to each other. As you can see. I’m not a regular blogger, I find it impossible to find the time to keep it up the way I did before Ayla came along, I really have no idea how other people do it, they must not sleep but then again, it’s not my source of income and I read or knit in the evenings like a good old biddy! I have a few ideas and thoughts lined up for the blog as I’m slowly returning to writing in the evenings but once more, that’s only because Ayla is going through a phase of early nights and constant waking but it gives me a little time to prattle away or write in my diary. I thought I’d do a little list of goings on as I loved this space in the past and the lovely people who responded positively to it and whom I’ve made friends with, so here are a few prattlings!

On new years resolutions; I don’t make them, not since I was in my early 20’s and realised that when I hadn’t achieved them, I just felt like an utter failure. I tell myself every year to keep working hard towards what I hope for; in my writing and for my little family. And health, I’m always hoping for health.

Simplicity, consumerism and materialism; no, I’m not becoming a buddhist or zen master but trying desperately to de-clutter our lives, We live in a small flat and sometimes it feels as though the walls are closing in. I’ve stopped buying knick-knacks and in fact I’ve pretty much stopped buying, I have too many clothes, too many choices and I don’t want to be mentally crowded. I also don’t want the same for Ayla. People keep buying her toys and I keep hiding them and have noticed how much happier she is when she has less, that includes tv, she rarely watches it, and her behaviour is drastically altered when she focuses on the few things she has around her. She is storytelling and role playing and we are having so very much fun with that. I’ve also noticed when she watched tv, she had a lot more tantrums and less sleep so little or no tv is perfect for us.

The outdoors;  we submerge ourselves into it no matter the weather. The cold weather has been so refreshing and exhilarating, Ayla is bundled up in a million layers and off we go! We listen quietly to the birds sing in the Ash and oak tree and watch squirrels bound excitedly across frost laden grass and leap into the bare trees. Ayla has been getting deliriously excited about the veg patch in our local park where we pretend we are picking them and cooking them. I hope to do the same for real with our own veg patch one day. If we have a day indoors, neither of us feel ourselves

Listening to; Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash, all very mellow and folksy and yes, I do wear a kaftan sometimes and pretend I am in California.

Reading; Oryx and Crake  which I bought second hand from Greenwich years ago and had been sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

Watching; signs of spring, daffodil bulbs burst forth through earth in great clumps and showing them to Ayla.

Socks; I’m still enjoying great chunky socks and slipper socks, I’m usually a bare foot person and have shed them by evening but I love the cosiness of them in my boots as I slosh about in the mud.

Writing; after 6 weeks of being ill with Ayla, I’m slowly coming alive again, writing makes me a better mother because it makes me a happier person, it’s a rather simple formula.

Looking forward to; filling the house with heady fumes of mango chutney,  marmalade and hyacinths! And dare I say it? warmer weather, but I know we are still in the middle of winter, even if the days are attempting to be longer. I’ve really suffered with this year’s winter darkness.

Planning trips to Kew Gardens with our new membership cards that were gifted to us for Christmas from my mother in law.

And Bed; earlier, I’m not as young as I used to be and I still wake up to feed Ayla-1-3 times a night, sleep is my friend, It’s healing to hanker down.

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  1. Oryx and Crake is one of my favourites. I am trying very hard to purge our flat – the 'walls closing in' thing is getting to me too.

    It is so lovely seeing you writing again, I miss it when you don't!

  2. Thank you, that's so sweet of you! Purging is rather cathartic, if I had more time and didn't have a little someone undoing everything I did, purging would be easier..

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