I disappeared again. Did you notice? Of course not! why in the world would you, you have your own lives to live! And just like you….possibly, I’ve been working hard trying to raise a citizen of the earth, and hopefully getting it right! I’ve done a little writing here and there, but mainly trying to focus on my little ones early years! She’s eighteen months old by the way! yup! I’ve been focusing on trying to make sure my little one has as much autonomy as possible and the confidence to have trust in herself as I am convinced these are the essential ingredients for a confident, freedom fighting, eco warrior, happy adult who will also be a strong women/person of the planet (feminist is too sexist). No pressure obviously!
 I was right, when a year ago I labelled her as an “adventure cat” because she truly is and I have never been so proud. Just as I am proud when she doesn’t accept my “no” after all, why should she?!… Her bravery and gentleness leave me in awe, as does her desire to share everything she loves with me, even her last mini-cheddar, and she ruddy loves mini-cheddars (bad mum!)
Here are a few Ayla-isms
She loves sniffing every flower we happen across, even her flower print top!
She belongs outside; running in tall grass, hugging trees, chasing pigeons, sniffing and picking flowers, oohaing and ahhing at kites, hugging trees and this weekend, she met the sea properly for the first time.
I’ve tried to teach her the word milk so she can ask instead of pulling my top up or down in public, or making a” milking the cow” hand gesture and instead of saying milk, it comes out as BAP! Great..
When she hugs her teddies with all her might and all her heart, she squeezes her eyes tight shut
She giggles and smiles and says yum when breastfeeding, this fills me with such warmth, as if the sun has entered by body from the top and filled me entirely until it bursts out from the tips of my fingers and toes.
she has a thing for older boys in the park, the wild ones running and wielding huge sticks, she wants to be a part of a wild pack and she runs straight at them (so proud)
Even though our Henry hoover scares the bejesus out of her, she still makes us open the cupboard to say hello to it and feed it a breadstick.
Ducks or “Gucks” still thrill her as do woof-woofs and trees (wow) 
Ayla, this time last year at 8 months
So what’s next? Well, the husband is about to learn how to drive so that we can first borrow then hopefully buy our on camper-van so we can camp and travel as much as we like, these are the kind of memories I want Ayla to have, I can already see how, just like me, she enjoys being connected to nature and I want to keep nurturing that. We’ve been looking into buying our own place but the market is pretty depressing , to the point that I’ve considered moving us all into my parent’s house to save money, but I know that would draw my rebellious teenager self out!  Ideally, I would like for us to move to a farm or hippy commune somewhere but the truth is, I’m too close to my family, I couldn’t move away from soul sucking London. I also despise spiders.
And so there you have it! A tiny update, a snippet if you will into the goings on of the Cranmer clan, I have a few writing ideas up my sleeve but heck, I’m pretty tuckered out by this most illuminating soul in my world.
Eighteen Months, transporting her “woof-woof”

Watering her tomato plant

Always looking for an outdoor adventure!

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