“I must warn you, I’m not wearing a coat!” the husband cautioned me on Sunday morning as we prepared to leave the house and make our way to Mudchute farm. Having been raised in the North, he is of the ” you think this is cold!?” attitude and wears inappropriately little in cold weather.
“Neither am I,” I replied, having flung all the windows open wide that morning. I bellow out “Sunshine! sunshine!” and woosh open the curtains with greater haste than usual whilst the husband walks through rooms without opening curtains. I’m someone who literally runs full steam ahead at the window just so I can let light in.

I sing out to Ayla, “Look, sunshine darling, sunshine my sweet, sunshine!” as I lift the poor mite at the window to which she grins and turns away in discomfort/blindness… bad mummy!

I sped around the flat that morning like speedy Gonzales, my skin itching to get out into the sun, to expose Ayla to the sun and eager to see Ayla’s face once we get to the farm which we had taken her to once when she was much smaller.

Once the pram was loaded with packed lunches the little one’s wellies, we sped away. Plunging into the day’s warmth we pointed at the blue sky, the aeroplanes , trees, cats and dogs and before we knew it, we were standing amongst herds of families, in the face of a mooing cow and a clucking hen, but it was the goat that captivated our little one’s heart as she kept picking up bits of straw to feed them.

This is Saturday, late afternoon where the little one decided walking is the thing to do and that’s all she wanted to do. I can’t believe how long she can walk without getting tired! The only annoyance was the number of times I had to swoop her away because of other children zooming blindly with their scooters….

She’s recently discovered our garden…. and snails, this makes me unbelievably happy!


Back to the farm…duck! no… chicken…duck! ok, duck then…






Two seconds later, this cow mooed so loud, it gave everyone a mighty scare, I had to play it cool of course as I don’t want her scarred for life !
Forever bending and investigating, I adore the fact that she likes to get dirty!


I’ve been loving my little toddler’s new found freedom in the use of her little legs, even if she does give me little heart attacks. I’ve thought about purchasing one of those back packs with a lead to keep  hold of her but feel as though I would be walking a dog…. have you opted for one of those?
It’s wonderful exploring the world with this little one, I get to see life afresh, what more could one want? Sleep obviously,  but that’s a given!

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