Joys of “Gas and Air” a blog you shouldn’t miss out on

Joys of “Gas and Air” a blog you shouldn’t miss out on

On a non-writing related issue, I must share with you (if you’re pregnant or hoping to become pregnant) the wonderful blog Gas and Air by a wonderful Midwife called Clemmie. The blog is instructive, fun, funny, addictive, but most importantly, calming and reassuring! A few traits that are hard to come by when needing to fill up on all the right info you’ve heard about in passing and glad to finally hear about. As well as writing about her patient’s experiences, she makes it personal by adding her own as she too is a mother and certainly knows what she is talking about. SO, pop over to this wonderful blog and feel that wave of calmness wash over you!


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  1. I agree! I'm 36 wks now, and can see I'll still refer to it after baby is here. I'm doing everything possible to stay calm:) I'm so glad you've found this blog too x

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