Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

And so! here we are in the new year! Happy New Year! I hope it is one full of health and happiness for you. I have decided to not make any resolutions this time as last year taught me, that not matter how much planning or changes you wish to make, life has a way of either deciding otherwise or casting you upon a different path. Life is what it is, you may hold onto hopes, goals and aspirations but always be ready to stay flexible and roll with those proverbial punches…and never be altogether too surprised! But then again, surprises can be wonderful too!

And….oh my god! Baby is due in 5  1/2 wks! This year is sure to be different from the previous!

New Year’s Eve walk with sister in the rain

Upon the husband’s request, mum made us Bulgur Kofte’s for dinner which is quite a difficult Turkish delicacy, it was a treat!

Beautiful sunny walk with sister & husband on New Year’s Day- it was so crisp & fresh. A perfect start to the new year.

Oh the sunshine!

Current Read- After reading Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking last year, I finally ordered Blue Nights and have fallen in love with Didion’s writing style once more. She is sharp, poetic, heart-felt and raw. I definitely recommend her.


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  1. Happy New Year Zehra!

    I am intentions, but not resolutions. It's more positive I think. I love these recent photos. Are you feeling ready for the baby coming? Also, I must get that book. She writes so beautifully.

  2. Happy new year sweetie! Intentions are far better than resolutions! Positivity is so important – I'm practicing it big time as we approach the birth of this little one.

    To answer the question are we ready? We have everything the baby needs just need baby to appear and I think we're as ready as we'll ever be! 🙂

    Didion is brill, I'm about to order Play it as it Lays, The White Album & Slouching Towards Bethlehem .

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