Baby minefield – shopping madness

Baby minefield – shopping madness

Good morning, I’m rather tired and bleary eyed after another night of disrupted sleep- oh the joys of pregnancy! At least I’m semi prepared for sleepless nights / days! The baby’s movement have become rather interesting too, there’s a lot more shuffling and bumping around there, and oh! How it loves to be up in my ribs…. at three in the morning when it decides to take up river dancing!
Gosh, 31 weeks! 8 months is edging closer and I have entered the minefield of finding decently priced products and sifting through what I actually need. This type of task leads me to spending hours in the evening perched on the couch, laptop on what’s left of my lap, digging my way through amazon and other bargainous websites. Maybe you have a list of essentials you could share with me? I have bandanna bibs (I’d like to make some) and muslin squares on their way as well as a tummy tub thanks to Hannah . A dear friend and new mum has supplied me with a wonderful list too. I’m yet to buy the buggy- ahhhhh or a car seat, but we have some time still. Yet, time has a funny way of vanishing into the ether.
Apologies on yet another somewhat boring post. Writing has been going awfully slow. It actually took me an entire day to write up a review last week. Other than that, the husband and I have been hiding out from the cold, except for yesterday when we ventured out to the Tate Modern to check out The Tanks, which I actually enjoyed. Not to mention the warmth on that basement level. It’s a rather interesting setting. And my,my, my, it’s freezing enough to snow! We were more than happy to return to the semi warm confines of our home, return to the couch, to knitting, with candles and the husband cooking up a little roast. It was a lovely Sunday, but it whizzes by all too fast as here we are again, at the beginning of a new week where anything can happen. I’m rather looking forward to xmas tree shopping next weekend, that will certainly make things extra cosy! Happy first week of December everyone.
This photo was taken by my sister at 30 wks –  the doggy is pretty cute right?

The Tanks


And into the warmth

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  1. Don't forget your needs 🙂 Here's a list of essential stuff for you right after the wee one is born: endless quantities of breast pads (I actually used washable ones which were pretty good & more eco friendly), comfy pyjamas, cakes, lots of cushions, food prepared for you, tube of lanisoh (for breastfeeding), paracetamol for the first couple of days (what they DON'T tell you is that every time you breastfeed for a couple of days after baby is born you get cramps as your uterus shrinks back down from the hormones released – I didn't need any pain killers for anything after-birth related but I did take them for those cause it was the last thing I needed to be feeling!), loads of Box sets of TV series to watch whilst feeding or, a Netflix subscription 🙂

    Try not to worry about buying everything now (easier said than done!) as plenty of stuff can be bought after as and when you need it xx

  2. Eleanor you're a star! The midwife said there'd be cramps after- yay! I'll def have paracetemol at hand. Now to think about what box sets to ask for at christmas 🙂 Thank you so much for the advice, it means a lot- wish me luck! Xx

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