You’ll find me amongst the trees

You’ll find me amongst the trees

Apologies for the quiet, I’ve been hibernating and well.. growing a baby which seems to take a lot of energy and therefore my days are dotted with squirrelling away home baked goods and cat napping! It’s awfully boring but that’s how it is at seven months and counting…for me anyway. The only thing I am able to focus attention on is this perpetual dusk we seem to be walking through and the ever changing trees…soon there will be no leaves left!I know I’ve harped on that before. Here are a few pics of what I’ve been seeing…when not sleeping. You can also follow me on instagram, I’m @zehracranmer, it’s on private, but I accept everyone!

Oh and do check out a lovely post that my sister Şifa Mustafa wrote for The SRA, it’s a beautiful piece on seasonal eating

Blog post for The SRA by Şifa Mustafa

Very ill with temperature & aches= sofa, knitting blanket & more sleeping!

I can’t get enough of the woods- they are extra enchanting at this time of year.


…and here is the little energy zapper at 29 wks – I love you really baby- keep growing & keep zapping! Apologies for the bad quality photo!


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  1. You take all the quiet time you need! We mostly have no leaves already, and the past few mornings have been bitterly cold and frosty well into the fleeting daylight.

    Glad you and the bump are well. Rest and take care of yourself.

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