Half way- more ramblings on pregnancy

Half way- more ramblings on pregnancy

We’ve made it! We are just over half way through the pregnancy! Half way till we get to be … parents! Half way till we spend night & day walking the earth like zombies and half way to being utterly in love with a little person that is half of me and half of the coolest person I know in the world. Scary? Yes! I believe so, but so very exciting. We had our scan last week and it’s unbelievable how much the baby has grown again, and this time, we got to see him/her (not choosing to find out- oh the anticipation!) open and close their mouth in the cutest way possible. We love the little one so much I only expect our hearts will burst when we finally hold them in our arms. I have a tiny tummy in the picture, my mum was tiny with my sister and I, maybe it’s something to do with how short we are…I’m just 5 ft. But honestly my tunny has grown again, it seems to happen magically over night and magically during the day.
Magical is the word I think. The body’s ability to create and hold life. Of course there are painful elements to pregnancy; heartburn- ouch ouch ouch! and pelvic stretches- ooooph which does seem to go away when I’m taking a vigorous walks, the odd leg spasm and twinge! And how about that light sleep where the slightest sound wakes you and you can’t get back to sleep! But my god it’s so worth it, not to mention the excitement of passing a mirror and saying  ‘hello baby, hello tummy…wow, tummy! Tummy, tummy, tummy’ . I’m still not a fan of my mother and sister insisting on rubbing it every time I pass them, but seeing the excitement in their eyes is rather moving, and well, sweet.
There are so many things we have to sort out such as the baby’s room which will be shared with my study, we haven’t even sorted out antenatal classes- NHS or  NCT? Anyone have any suggestions? Then there is the pram hunt- we live up a steep flight of steps, and it has to be good enough for muddy walks for when I go dog walking?  Any recommendations on that one? I’d love to hear your suggestions- help!
Let me see, what else…It’s been chilly out and I’ve been so glad that the baby is safely cocooned in absolute warmth! I also love it when the husband talks to the baby, even if it is to say ‘your mum is nuts’. I love feeling the little one flutter around to remind me they are there!
Also, look! I finished the baby blanket which I’ve folded away- the next time we take it out, it will be to wrap a little one! Anyway, I ought to stop waffling on- so I shall! Writing hasn’t been easy as I’ve been awfully tired and distracted. Today I told a friend this – she had 4 children and she said, ‘well of course can you imagine the hormones!’ She had been advised by a friend to never pick out curtains or furniture when pregnant because you’re bound to regret it after! Anyway, I hope I haven’t bored everyone too much!

Baby blanket!


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