Keeping this one quiet has been somewhat challenging to say the least, but here it is… I’m pregnant! The last three months have without a doubt been the most surreal experience so far. Excitement, fear, more excitement, lots of sickness, but mostly excitement has been soaring through the Cranmer household- and the Mustafa household (my parent’s can’t wait to take over!)

We are both very excited, I insist on musically gifting our child by playing Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, BBC radio 3 & Patti Smith whilst Mr C exclaims ‘what about science & algebra!’ and I say, ‘so you want me to start reading out quadratic equations?!’ – dull! This is why I’ve been building my library, I want our children to be surrounded by books the way I was (as well as Leonard Cohen- thank you dad!) and we may not be terribly well off, but we have a crazy aunt (Sifa Mustafa) who will without a doubt cover the art side of education and all around irresponsible fun! And a lot of love from grandparents and us, the rest will be tackled one at a time- oooh that fear again.

So, it’s been very early nights for me, tucked up in bed with a book and sea bands on my wrists- supposed to help with sickness- my sickness is now worst at night, oh how I like to do things backwards! Mr C is looking after me as I can’t even open the fridge at times and I haven’t had a cup of Earl Grey in 3 months because it turns my stomach, but I’m positive believe it or not. With each of our babies heart beat, a little wave of sickness runs through me, but that’s ok.

We saw our baby for  the first time on Monday, and s/he (will not be finding out) would not keep still, what was on the baby’s agenda was wriggling, waving & clapping (apparently down to the apple juice I had before going in) and we both fell in love immediately.

Ok, so that’s enough gushing, I shan’t go on about how my jeans don’t fit & blahdiblah, and this won’t turn into a pregnancy blog… I hope, although it may fall through the cracks of blog life! The husband and I are looking forward to our little Sussex getaway in September, it will probably be our last holiday just the two of us, but that’s ok, we’re ready for this little one, we’re ready for it all.

Oh- and please people, stop touching my little tummy- I can’t say I’m a fan of it- yet!

Scan & Pictures from our Sussex Honeymoon 2 yrs ago
Wriggling, waving clapping baby!

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