Souvenance – Rauf Denktaş & a guest post from my father Ahmet Mustafa Osam “A letter of Condolence”

Souvenance – Rauf Denktaş & a guest post from my father Ahmet Mustafa Osam “A letter of Condolence”

Rauf Denktaş 27 January 1924 – 13 January 2012
(the founder and the first president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)


Letter of Condolence by Ahmet Mustafa Osam

London 14th January 2012

RE Condolences to the all citizens and global community. Passing of R R Denktas should not be without a moral .

Not long ago, another great man foresaw his own departure and said “ My woefully earthly attributes will one day return to dust but The Republic of Turkey will last to the infinity “.

Rauf Raif Dentas the first founding president of the TurkishRepublic of Northern Cyprus, lived totally inspired by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk . I last witnessed his public political action during a rally in Saray Önü during his last election, having travelled home to cast my vote when we heard the evening ezan. He cut his speech instantly. The Saray Önü undergone a transformation and it was as holly places as Selmiye Camisi or Arab Ahmet. When the ezan finished RRD continued with these memorable lines

” May Allah all mighty never stop the calls of Muezzin on this land”. He is now with his maker.

That is how truly great men think. Four generations of citizens grew with him, three generations campaigned with him and two generations went to war with him and he was not even a soldier but a proud man who wanted equality for all.


What started in 19 May 1919 in Samsun came to an end in November 1983 in Nicosiaand a legal battle for the Rights of people started. That is why RRD stands above shoulders of many on both sides of the sea.

Our duty as NGOs in rem is to point out the significance of the contribution of the Great men MKA and DR Kucuk and RRD not for the contribution to his people but legal ideas which are applicable to all nations ius cogent erga omnes, meaning no government in the family of nations can abrogate from these peremptory principle;- Legitimately formed sovereignty legalised by international treaties ,approved by family of nations, cannot be subject of state succession but that of birth of a new nation with ethnic and linguistic and religious differences totally allocated to social norms where fundamental freedoms and legal rights are given constitutional recognition .
May god grant you RRD access to haven and spare you the agony of transition.

My condolences to all the readers.

Ahmet Mustafa Osam

Visiting post grad lecturer in International law
Chairman of the Global Mediation Reconciliation and Reconstruction (est 2003).

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