It’s been one of those days where every emotion under the sun has been experienced; a day of glorious autumn sunlight and refreshing cold. A day of catching up with a friend, tea and haberdashery. A day of work (dog walking) with my sister and her best friend (adopted brother) and a day of change lurking in its midst. A change that I have anticipated and now must continue. 

Noisette, the puppy I’ve looked after since 7 wks old, she was born on my wedding day!

                                          Beautiful Autumnal colours in Dulwich Park

                                                      My sister & her best friend

                                                  The back of me snapped by my sister

Such a thoughtful and feeling packed day makes you remember the tapestry that is life and be thankful for the ones that carry you through it, the ones that run through your seams of  life. Always be thankful and take a few steps back to see everything a little more clearly and for what it really is. That is what I am doing this evening, and it’s what I will do with Mr C and my sister & co

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