Current Read- The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble

Current Read- The Sea Lady by Margaret Drabble

I absolutely loved Greenery Street,  I couldn’t put the book down or stop laughing, I will write up a review as soon as I get the chance. The most annoying thing happened after I finished however- I didn’t know what to read next.

I was in a very strange mood, as I prowled my shelves, walking in squares around my living room. The place was full of books, but the way that I walked and stalked those shelves, they may as well have been empty. I desperately wanted something set in the countryside, I wanted to be away from the noises and obligations from the city, and I didn’t want to read a classic. I was being difficult!

I thought, ah, lets see what’s on my bed side table, there I found Doris Lessing’s The Good Terrorist and Iris Mudoch’s The Sea The Sea  I read a few pages of each and still couldn’t decide. I gave up, sighed a lot, and begged peter to make a suggestion and howled “I am not to buy any more books” and the long story cut short, I decided on Margaret Drabble’s The Sea Lady which I acquired a week or so ago! I hope the next find is not so difficulty. I’m simply not ready to return to Bolano, it interferes too much with my dreams.

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