A Room With a New View

A Room With a New View


Well, here we have it; a new room and a new view, and the possibilities of a well of new ideas. Change is always difficult, especially when it comes to altering your writing view. The view for me became and becomes a breath which is blown in and mixed with creativity, my inner creativity and the one in which the world offers me, this has always been terribly important to me. My previous writing view as seen in previous blogs was where I wrote my articles, where I wrote my first book and began my second, and where I dreamt of my future. And now I have a new one. I feel myself accepting the change and allowing in a new flow of light to penetrate my thoughts and my work. If we do not keep moving with life, we become stagnant and in essence, dead.

And so, here is to acceptance and birth, may we all have the capacity to keep on moving.



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  1. Fabulous! Your journey made me think of a quote that I meant to send a couple of weeks ago (various versions can be found but this is my favourite).

    What the caterpiller calls the end of world, the World calls a beautiful beginning – Lao Tzu

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