REVIEW – Pieces of a Rainbow by Maria Savva

REVIEW – Pieces of a Rainbow by Maria Savva

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Pieces of a Rainbow by Maria Savva

(published in “Avrupa” newspaper)
Maria Savva is a solicitor turned writer from north London, her first novel was Coincidences, which can be bought from as well as her novel A Time to Tell. Her recent work, Pieces of a Rainbow takes a step away from the novel form and plunges straight into the realm of the short story. Pieces of a Rainbow is a compilation of seven short stories; “Seeing Red,” “Fire,” Signs of The Times,” “Envy,” “Forever Blue,” “Mystic Purple,” “Rainbow’s End.” Within each story a different emotion is depicted, opening our senses to a new flourishing thought and feeling.

The first story, “Seeing Red” delves into painful, raw emotions such as rage, depression and loss all at once, a story which can feel uncomfortable at times as we follow the protagonist’s life spiral helplessly out of control. Themes of depression, anger, resentment, fear, youth crime and broken marriages are quite prevalent throughout.

The beauty of Savva’s style is the way in which she does not complicate each piece as a whole with convoluted language, this allows emotion and action to be put forth with far more poignancy, and therefore all that needs to be communicated is done so in a beautiful manner. Amongst the characters’ forgotten dreams, infidelity, and passion, Savva’s stories have a moralistic value.

Although each story flows wonderfully, from a lapping current to a spluttering stream, one can only have wished for each story to be just a little longer to allow us to become more acquainted with our protagonists. What these stories achieve wonderfully, is the psychology of the protagonist at a pinnacle point in time, and what may have been more satisfying would have been a more in depth analysis of the situation itself.

Each story certainly achieves what it has set out to do. They depict the complexity of the human condition and the damage that certain emotions are capable of. Savva’s powerful imagery penetrates our minds, forcing each image to stay, but can be tactfully dispersed in order for the reader to continue onto the next story, a technique if you will, in enabling our reading pallets to be cleared in order to make space for the next.

Pieces of a Rainbow can be bought for £5.99 from as well as

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